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Folks know they can count on us to do our part.  Whether it’s raising funds for summer camp or helping local Little Leagues get a new uniform, we love being a part of Piedmont and Oakland’s growing community.  Here at Piedmont Auto Repair, we’re all family members ourselves.  We know how important it is to build schools and safe communities.

We enjoy building relationships as much as we enjoy fixing cars.  People come to us knowing that we’ll remember their story.  And the parents come to us, knowing we’ll buy their kids’ cookies and raffle tickets!

Here’s a sampling of the community organizations we support…

Piedmont HS Baseball

Piedmont Post

Piedmont Middle School

Piedmont July 4 Parade

Oakland Girls Softball League

Piedmont HS Football

Bishop O’Dowd HS Football

Piedmont July 4 Parade


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