Auto Care with Integrity

Since 1952, Piedmont Auto Care has repaired and maintained cars throughout the Piedmont/Oakland area. Most of our mechanics have worked at Piedmont Auto Care for over a dozen years, many of our customers have been with us even longer. We provide more than comprehensive auto service. We provide peace of mind.

Our shop is located on Grand Avenue across from Ace Hardware, and our work follows three simple rules: Quality, Community, Honesty. Our motto does more than look good on our business cards. It means that our customers never have any reason to leave.  This is why we’re widely known as THE Piedmont garage.

Join our growing community of satisfied customers- from the entire Piedmont Police Department to generations of car, truck and SUV owners. See why people trust Piedmont Auto Care to keep their vehicles in top shape.

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Full Auto
Repair Services

Whether you need an oil change in a hurry or have concerns about your brakes, our ASE-certified mechanics are here to help. We offer comprehensive auto service for your car, truck or SUV.
Our crew will take care of your tires or windshield wipers in minutes- for scheduled maintenance, we offer free shuttle service to your home or office.
Piedmont Auto Care’s specialties include:

  • Brake Service
  • Belts and Hoses
  • 30, 60, 90 K
  • Smog Test
  • Wheel Alignment

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Passionate about

Being a good neighbor means more than knowing all our customers on a first name basis. It means getting involved in our community. From supporting Little League to investing in local schools, Piedmont Auto Care is proud to be a neighborhood resource.
On the corner of Grand and Wildwood, Piedmont Auto Care is easy to find. Even neighborhood dogs know to swing their owners by on their way home. Why should a dog care about auto repair? Actually, it’s not the brakes, it’s the bones. Experience and canine gossip have taught them about our stash of treats behind the counter.
Whether you’ve got four legs or two, drive stick or automatic, you’re always going to feel welcome for a visit at your neighborhood car repair shop.
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National Trends
& your car

Between the car industry reinventing itself and an uncertain economy discouraging large purchases, there has never been a better time to take proper care of your car. Industry experts agree that preventative maintenance greatly lengthens the life of your vehicle.
The future may bring electric, bio-diesel, or hybrid cars. Until the transformations have been made across the industry, play it safe. Keep your present vehicle running at its most efficient.
Our crew of mechanics offer tips to keep your car running longer. Not to mention ways to beat the gas pump blues.
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