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Full Repair at a Fraction of What You Would Pay a Dealer

Auto Care with Integrity

Since 1952, Piedmont Auto Care has repaired and maintained cars throughout the Piedmont/Oakland area. Most of our mechanics have worked at Piedmont Auto Care for over a dozen years, many of our customers have been with us even longer. We provide more than comprehensive auto service. We provide peace of mind.

Our shop is located on Grand Avenue across from Ace Hardware, and our work follows three simple rules: Quality, Community, Honesty. Our motto does more than look good on our business cards. It means that our customers never have any reason to leave.  This is why we’re widely known as THE Piedmont garage.

Join our growing community of satisfied customers- from the entire Piedmont Police Department to generations of car, truck and SUV owners. See why people trust Piedmont Auto Care to keep their vehicles in top shape.

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